Human aging is the biological process that is unavoidable but controllable. Starting at age 40, the cells in our body begin this process causing the deterioration of some functions of our body. Most people of this age group already have some form of cholesterol building up in their arteries and high blood pressure resulting in an increased risk of stroke.

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A person could seem absolutely healthy one day and then suddenly a stroke could cause speech impairment, paralysis or memory loss. A stroke usually occurs when there is a shortage in the blood supply to the brain, which causes damage to the brain tissue and leads to a stroke. Usually a blood clot or a rupture in a blood vessel can cause a stroke.

Heat Stroke is a form of severe hyperthermia where the body experiences a dramatic elevation in temperature. This condition needs immediate medical attention and can be fatal is not instantaneously addressed. Applying a cold towel to the patient is a critical step in managing this condition. The most important intervention to prevent heat stroke is to avoid excessive physical exertion and dehydration. This drastic change in the patient’s temperature comes along with physical symptoms such as changes in the functions of the nervous system. Heat Stroke can typically occur to infants, elderly, athletes and outdoor workers. These populations are at a higher risk than others because of their specific vulnerable points.

1. Onion juice is first thing person should be applied immediately after the heat stroke. Person with a heat stroke should be given a mixture of roasted chopped onion with sugar and cumin seed powder mixed in an open pan on heat. Such a paste should be applied to the area behind ears and on the chest.

Because hemorrhages may be deadly, hospital care is necessary. Drugs is used to control high blood pressure. Other drug may be given to minimize the brain swelling that follows a stroke.

What happened right before the stroke? Mary (a reading teacher) had been moved to a more crowded classroom, without any notice beforehand. She was hurt and disappointed at the time, but had no feelings about it when we discussed it. We tapped for that event anyway.
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